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Murder Mystery Fundraiser – September 13, 2017


 "Totally '80's, Totally Murder".  The renowned Murder Mystery Company.... 

The Niles Education Foundation is pleased to announce our next fundraiser…  Totally '80's, Totally Murder".  The renowned Murder Mystery Company from Grand Rapids will perform a two-hour comedic Clue-style performance that seeks to provide “a rockin’ radical night of mystery.”

Haven’t you ever wanted to be a detective?

This is your chance! The Murder Mystery Company is comprised of professional improvisational actors, who will interact with the audience and give them a chance to help solve the crime. During the “Totally ‘80’s, Totally Murder” themed event, participants will follow the life of fictional rocker Poison Ratenstein who is on tour, when a murder occurs. Participants will work alongside “detectives” to discover who the murderer is at a “killer concert” and save Ratensteins’s fan.

The murder mystery will occur on Wednesday, September 13, from 6PM to 9PM at Front Street Pizza Pub, 510 N. Front Street. Tickets cost $50 per person and includes a pizza bar while a cash bar is available.  Audience members are encouraged to dress in ‘80’s fashion and will have the opportunity to get involved. If you would like to reserve a ticket call Lisa Munoz at (574) 850-1141 or purchase online.

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Funds raised are earmarked for the Niles High School stage. The stage has not been replaced since 1956 and is not included in the recent bond construction.


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